Borhidi’s social behaviour type system is a reconsidered and supplemented version of the CSR-system of Grime, including also naturalness indicator values of the social behaviour types.

I. – Natural competitors (C) (+5)

Cr – Rare competitors
Cu – Unique competitors

II. – Stress-tolerants (ST)

Specialists (S) (+6)

Sr – Rare specialists
Su – Unique specialists

Generalists (G) (+4)

Gr – Rare generalists
Gu – Unique generalists

III. – Ruderals (R)

Natural Pioneers (NP), plant species of stressed habitats (+3)

Plant species of anthropogenically disturbed habitats:

DT – Disturbance-tolerants (+2)
W – Weeds (+1)

Anthropogenic alien plants:

I – Introduced aliens (-1)
A – Adventive aliens (-1)

Competitors of secondary habitats:

RC – Ruderal Competitors (-2)
AC – Alien Competitors (-3)

Data source and citation:

Borhidi A. (1995): Social behaviour types, the naturalness and relative ecological indicator values of the higher plants in the Hungarian Flora. Acta Bot. Hung. 39(1-2): 97-181.

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